Waistra ecosystem

Vorins Technology provides IT services to other businesses.

Vorins Technology is a part of the Waistra ecosystem and the Waistra ecosystem has the complete facility of all the necessary software and other IT services used in Businesses, for example, Cloud Systems, Customer Management System, ERP and much more.

Waistra’s main objective is to provide service to other businesses in Low-Cost IT  Solutions.

Some of our started projects are those who are helping successfully people in the market to grow their business. The proper example of this is Storecook.com which has proved very useful for new startups and small retail business. Here you get all the business solutions because we are the complete ecosystem of the IT sector.

In addition, we are also skilled in doing custom work according to your business requirement.

All Projects of Waistra Ecosystem.






How can the Waistra ecosystem help your business?

Is your business offline retailing?

If your business is offline and you want to bring your business online, then it is very easy for you to come online. Storecook.com will help you build your own website and grow with the help of Powerful Tools.

On this, you can make your offline shop online with the same name and easily manage your online store as well as connect with your customer.

If  you  want  to  boost  sales  and  quality of  work In your business ?

If yes, with the help of beeCRM.com Run and manage your business effectively with Bee CRM. Manage unlimited tasks, projects, invoices and inventory.

BeeCRM can increase your productivity with client management so that your client create further business opportunity for you with helping in quality of your works along with optimum resource utilization.

Do you want free SEO tool for your website?

seowider is totally free tool for you, use this tool and observe the score of your website. The main objective of SEOWIDER is to save your money spent in basic seo.

If you want a E-Commerce website In a Low  price.

If you want to become a website and start your business at a low price, then Shopat.com has brought you the opportunity ahead, you have got your website and  Android application for just 299 rupees .

Save your documents, photos and music using the Waistra Cloud?

If you want such a cloud application where you get unlimited space for free, then the Waistra cloud application gives you this feature for free, download it today and use your endless space.

Do you want secure and free web analytics?

If you want your website’s data to be with you and you want free of cost website analytics tools, then Vistra Analytics will give you live tracking of your website.

Click on this link for More details :  https://analytics.waistra.com/

and to register:  https://analytics.waistra.com/i/

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